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Facebook Dating App Wants To Connect You With Your Secret Lover

The service is also expanding to 14 new countries.

If you've ever wanted to let Facebook know who your romantic crush is - soon you'll have a chance to do so. Today, at the F8 2019 developers conference, the company announced Secret Crush, a new feature that will let you use Facebook Dating to express interest in someone from your friends on Facebook. webpage.

Facebook says that users have told them they believe there is an opportunity to discover romances within their own extended circle of friends on Facebook, and that's the idea for Secret Crush.

This feature will let you choose from up to nine Facebook friends you might be interested in, and if they're on Dating, they'll get a notification letting them know someone has a crush on them. Simple enough, but the feeling must be together, of course. If your Facebook Dating adds you to their Secret Crush list, the two of you will be combined and you can, possibly, live happily ever after.

Facebook is emphasizing that, if your crush doesn't like Dating and they don't choose the feature or put you on their list, "no one" will know that you entered a friend's name. It's something to think about as it seems to keep people from getting harassed on the service.

Unfortunately for those of you in the US who want to use Facebook Dating or its new Secret Crush feature, the service is not yet available here. It's been a year since it was first announced at F8 2018, but Facebook says it's finally coming to the US by the end of 2019. That said, Facebook has said that Dating is expanding to 14 new countries : Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Suriname.

That's in addition to Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Thailand; countries where Facebook Dating has been available for the past few months.

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