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Bat Trang Pottery Museum - What's the HOT check-in point?

Center for Essence of Vietnamese Craft Village, also known as Bat Trang Pottery Museum, is known as a place to preserve and develop the culture of the traditional Bat Trang ceramics village. With unique architecture and experiences only available here, this will surely be an ideal destination that you cannot miss.

Bat Trang Pottery Museum
Bat Trang Pottery Museum

Discover the experiences at Bat Trang Pottery Museum with the Best Way!

The project was conceived more than 10 years ago and officially completed the basic construction in 2018 on an area of 3,300 square meters. With a design of 5 floating floors, 1 basement and two rows of 2-storey houses with 4 tile roofs, with the following functions:

  • Floor 1: Space to welcome visitors and booths

  • 2nd floor: Bat Trang pottery space Past & Present

  • 3rd floor: Contemporary Art Center/ Homestay Art

  • 4th floor: Palace Hall/ Elite Restaurant/ Artisan Cafe

  • Floor 5: Huong Sa Tra – Huong Sa Art House and Light Sculpture

In addition, the Center complex also has an outdoor telegraph cafe and display space next to the banks of Bac Hung Hai river.

1. Where is Bat Trang Ceramic Museum?

Address: Essence Center of Vietnamese Craft Village - No. 28, village 5, Bat Trang street, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Contact: 0866959288

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum is a construction work located in village 5, Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi city. The museum is about 20km from the center of Hanoi, overlooking the famous Bac Hung canal.

2. Bat Trang Pottery Museum opening hours and latest ticket prices

According to the experience of going to Bat Trang ceramic museum, you should know the opening hours and ticket prices to visit and fully explore the museum.

  • Bat Trang Pottery Museum is open from Monday to Sunday. Hours of operation are from 08:00 to 18:00.

  • The specific ticket prices for Bat Trang Pottery Museum are as follows:

​Ticket Type


​Enter the gate and visit the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors

50,000 VND/person

Visit the 3rd floor – contemporary art center

50,000 VND/person

​Experience making pottery on G floor (ground floor)

​Adult (> 1m30): 70,000 VND/experience

Children (< 1m30): 50,000 VND/experience

Tea Meditation Huong Sa Art House 5th floor

Enter, enjoy tea and admire the work: 40,000 VND/person

Renting antique clothes: 100,000 VND/time

In addition to individual tickets for each floor/experience, Bat Trang pottery museum also has ticket combos for visitors:

  • Combo 1 – artistic mark: 189,000 VND/person

  • Combo 2 – experience the quintessential space: 249,000 VND/person

Ticket price list for Bat Trang Pottery Museum
Ticket price list for Bat Trang Pottery Museum

3. How to get to Bat Trang Ceramic Museum?

To move to Bat Trang Pottery Village Museum, you can use private vehicles, public transport or go by river.

  • Bus: The option of traveling by bus to the museum will take about 25-30 minutes. You can take bus lines 08A, 08B, 34, 40, 31 that will have stops at Bat Trang or areas near the museum. Bus fares are very affordable, ranging from 7,000 VND to 9,000 VND/way.

  • Motorcycles, personal cars: go from the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge along the Red River and look at the signposts to Bat Trang ceramic museum. Travel time by private vehicle will take about 30 minutes from the foot of the bridge to the museum.

  • River route: On weekends, there will be tours of the Red River passing through Bat Trang. You can choose to take the river route to the museum for more new experiences. The time to travel by river to the museum is quite long and the cost per tour will be about 350,000 VND - 400,000 VND.

4. About Bat Trang Ceramic Museum

The project was started in 2018 and put into operation from June 2021. The museum is a masterpiece of art designed by architect Hoang Thuc Hao, whose architecture was inspired by ceramic turntables.

The work is inspired by the blocks of ceramic clawed turntables. There are polyhedral surfaces, soft and free movement. There is also an image of the old gourd kiln of the ancient Bat Trang people.

The museum's architecture is inspired by everyday images of pottery making. From the images of moving turntables, the process of polishing simple and rustic earth blocks into shapes creates a beautiful beauty for the museum.

For a long time, Bat Trang has been a well-known name, known as a long-standing traditional craft village producing ceramic and terracotta items. However, with the development of modern industries today, the traditional craft villages are less and less and may be lost forever.

Since then, Bat Trang Pottery Museum was born, aiming to develop and preserve the craft village. The project is the enthusiasm and aspiration of Ms. Ha Thi Vinh - director of Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd. and the Hanoi craft village association.

With the concern of the 15th generation grandchild of the oldest pottery family in Bat Trang, she decided to use 150 billion to invest in this construction. This great work preserves, preserves and honors the traditional craft villages of the homeland.

5. A "unique" architectural work in the line of history

The large-scale architecture and unique artistic design have created a buzz for the Bat Trang ceramics museum. The first impression to visitors is the high-class architecture with 7 giant spirals. Get the main idea from the familiar and indispensable ceramic turntable image of the pottery villagers. The work is built with curving, free curves but linked together to form a masterpiece of art.

Architecture of Bat Trang ceramic museum
Architecture of Bat Trang ceramic museum

Architecture of Bat Trang ceramic museum
Architecture of Bat Trang ceramic museum

The museum has a unique structure that grows upwards, but ensures a firm and stable standing. Therefore, when looking from afar, many people will think of the ancient pottery kilns of the ancient Bat Trang people. This project also makes full use of local materials such as baked bricks and Bat Trang tiles. It is the pride and honor of all that the traditional craft village has created.

Sightseeing, shopping, relaxation and auction of interesting products

This is not only a museum displaying Bat Trang ceramics but also a space to develop craft village culture, community activities and connect people. These activities aim to promote cultural exchanges, contribute to the maintenance and development of the country's traditional crafts.

6. 6 floors of impressive ceramics theme display and experience

Along with the "unique" architecture, 6 floors of ceramic exhibits and experiences are also highlights of the museum. Inside Bat Trang ceramic museum is divided into 6 floors corresponding to 6 different experience zones.

  • Floor 1: welcoming space with giant spirals. This is a beautiful check-in space for visitors thanks to its unique and artistic architecture.

  • 2nd floor: displays ceramic sculptures through each period. You will learn interesting information about Bat Trang pottery village from past to present. Experience visiting the second floor of the museum is to go in a circular direction from left to right.

  • 3rd floor: contemporary art center displaying unique and creative ceramic works. You will admire and enjoy the impressive contemporary art ceramic sculptures.

  • 4th floor: Royal hall area, culinary restaurant, coffee shop. After visiting the lower floors, you can rest on the 4th floor to sip coffee or enjoy the cuisine of Bat Trang pottery village.

  • Floor 5: the area of Huong Sa Tra - Huong Sa Art House. This is a space for tea ceremony and light sculpture for visitors. In this area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Bat Trang, enjoy coffee or talk and talk about tea.

  • Floor G: experience area for making pottery artisans. In the G floor space, you will be able to manually perform the steps to create a ceramic product. The ceramic products created are all privately owned and you can bring back as a souvenir.

7. 7 experiences with 1-0-2 at Bat Trang Pottery Museum

Bat Trang Pottery Museum with unique architecture and large exhibition space gives visitors a lot of interesting experiences. Coming to Bat Trang ceramics museum, there are 7 very unique experiences for you such as:

7.1. Check in Bat Trang ceramic museum with unique background

Come to Bat Trang Pottery Museum, don't forget to check-in the photos with unique background here. With the giant spiral architecture on the first floor, you will have extremely impressive photos. In addition, the areas in the museum are designed with bold art and are also the perfect background for your photos.

Tourists take pictures of chenkin
Tourists take pictures of chenkin

7.2. Hand-made pottery on the turntable

Making ceramic products by hand on a turntable is definitely a unique and interesting experience at the museum. Pottery making experience for visitors of all ages, all ages. You will transform into artisans, learn each stage and create your own ceramic product on the familiar turntable.

Young people make pottery with their own hands
Young people make pottery with their own hands

7.3. Ceramic figurines

Besides making pottery yourself, another interesting experience for you is painting ceramic statues. Ceramic products used for coloring are very diverse in design and design. So, you can unleash your creativity, hand-painted new colors for your own ceramic statue products.

7.4. Visiting and learning about ceramic products

Bat Trang Pottery Village Museum is definitely the best 1-day Hanoi tourist destination to explore and learn about ceramic culture. In the museum space, works associated with the development of the pottery village from the past to the present are displayed. You will learn more about ceramics through images and unique design products with high artistic value.

Đồ gốm trưng bày
Đồ gốm trưng bày

7.5. Enjoy the tea ceremony and contemporary art

Enjoying tea ceremony and contemporary art A unique experience not to be missed when coming to Bat Trang Pottery Museum is to enjoy tea ceremony and contemporary art. You can visit Huong Sa Tra - Huong Sa Art House to talk about tea, enjoy unique light sculptures. At the same time, do not forget to visit the 3rd floor to admire the impressive contemporary ceramic art space.

7.6. Buy ceramic products as souvenirs

Ceramic products are displayed at the stalls on the first floor and areas in the Bat Trang ceramic museum. After a tour, you can visit the stalls to buy ceramic products as souvenirs for friends, family or for yourself.

Shop for ceramics
Shop for ceramics

7.7. Enjoy the impressive outdoor cafe space

Bat Trang Pottery Village Museum also designs spaces to enjoy drinks and coffee for visitors. The cafe space is designed to be open to the outdoors with lots of eye-catching green trees. You can enjoy a relaxing time, sipping a drink while watching the scenery of Bat Trang pottery village.

Above is all the information about the famous Bat Trang Pottery Museum, hope you will have an interesting time when traveling and exploring here!

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