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5 oaths, 10 disciplines, 6 things Uncle Ho taught the People's Police

As people standing in the ranks of the People's Public Security, soldiers must always inscribe in themselves 5 vows, 10 rules of discipline, and 6 things Uncle Ho taught the People's Police to study, practice and act according to the standards. Uncle Ho taught.

5 lời thề, 10 điều kỷ luật, 6 điều Bác Hồ dạy CAND

On January 3, 2008, General Le Hong Anh, Politburo member, Minister of Public Security signed Decision No. 09/QD-BCA(X11) promulgating 5 oaths and 10 disciplinary articles of the force. Vietnam People's Police, replacing 5 oaths and 10 disciplinary articles issued in 1997 to suit the current situation.

The 5 oaths and 10 disciplinary articles issued this time continue to inherit and promote the good ideals and traditions of the Vietnamese People's Police force, built and handed down by generations of police officers and soldiers.

The entire content of the oath and the discipline is highly generalized in specific topics, making it easy for officers and soldiers to remember and implement.

The amendment and issuance of 5 oaths and 10 disciplinary articles are of great significance in order to educate ideals, train moral qualities, and build a sense of discipline for each police officer and soldier. It is imperative that police officers and soldiers have the responsibility to instill and strictly implement them

5 oaths of honor of the Vietnamese people's police

1. Absolutely loyal to the Fatherland and people of Vietnam, to the Communist Party of Vietnam, to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, to strive and sacrifice all his life for independence, freedom, sovereignty and unification. and territorial integrity, for national security.

2. Strictly abide by the guidelines, lines and policies of the Party, laws of the State, resolutions, directives and Ordinances of the People's Police; ready to go anywhere, do anything when needed by the Fatherland, Party and people.

3. Respect and be polite to the people. Ready to protect people's lives, property, rights and legitimate interests. Whole life devoted to serving the people, for the peaceful and happy life of the people.

4. Raise vigilance, resoluteness, ingenuity and bravery to fight against hostile forces, crimes and violations of the law.

5. Make every effort to study and strictly implement the 6 things President Ho Chi Minh taught the People's Police, always worthy of the honor and tradition of the Vietnamese People's Police.

10 Disciplinary Articles of the Vietnamese People's Police

Article 1: No words or actions that infringe upon the Vietnamese Fatherland, the prestige of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the strength of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the honor and tradition of the Vietnamese People's Police.

Article 2: Strictly obey the CAND orders. Ready to receive and excellently complete all assigned tasks.

Article 3: Strictly implement the regulations on keeping secrets of the Party, State and People's Police.

Article 4: Being honest, straightforward, seeing right must protect, seeing wrong must fight. Do not conceal or falsely report to Party, State and People's Police organizations.

Article 5: Upholding the spirit of unconditional service to the people. Have a welcoming, polite and proper attitude when dealing with people; respect the elderly, love children, respect women, help the disabled. Not being bossy, authoritarian, rude, causing troubles or harassing people.

Article 6: To constantly cultivate and practice revolutionary moral qualities; perform diligently, thriftily, with integrity, righteousness, and impartiality. Do not take advantage of the name, responsibilities, duties and powers to seek personal benefits. Do not embezzle, waste, give or accept bribes in any form, exemplary in carrying out a cultural lifestyle.

Article 7: Resolutely fight to defeat all plots and activities that infringe upon the security and order of the Fatherland, damage State property, life, property, legitimate rights and interests of the people. Do not harm good people, do not cover up bad people; do not let criminals, do not unjustly harm innocent people.

Article 8: Constantly studying to improve political, professional, legal awareness and working capacity, contributing to building a revolutionary, regular, elite and step-by-step modernized police force.

Article 9: Serious self-criticism and criticism, maintaining internal unity and unity; love and help comrades and comrades. Actively cooperate with individuals and groups inside and outside the People's Police force to successfully complete assigned tasks.

Article 10: Strictly implement the guidelines, lines and policies of the Party, the laws of the State and regulations of the local government where they reside.

6 things Uncle Ho taught the people's police

  1. For self-righteousness: Need, Economy, Integrity, Righteousness

  2. For colleagues, have cordial help

  3. To the Government must: Absolute Loyalty

  4. For the people, must respect, politeness

  5. For work, have committed

  6. For the enemy, we must be determined, clever.

Uncle Ho's letter to Comrade Hoang Mai
Uncle Ho's letter to Comrade Hoang Mai

Learn about 6 things Uncle Ho taught the People's Public Security

Firstly, for oneself, one must be thrifty, thrifty, incorruptible, righteous

Necessity, thrift, integrity are indispensable virtues, which must always be put on the top for officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security.

"Need" is in the work of the Public Security, it is necessary to educate each officer and soldier to work diligently, creatively, wisely, bravely and soberly; must build a firm will, not afraid of difficulties and hardships. It is necessary to be completely alienated from mediocrity with a moderate work attitude.

"Saving" means thrift, not luxury, not wasteful, not indiscriminate, must always pay attention to protect public property. The basic requirement of thrift is to work with targets, have a plan, clearly delineate each job in a specific time, thereby striving to achieve the set goal in the shortest time, best efficiency. Along with the practice of thrift, it is necessary to constantly fight against luxury, embezzlement, and wastefulness.

"Integrity" is an important and indispensable moral quality for every revolutionary cadre in general. That is, integrity, purity, not abusing public property, not being greedy for position, power, or money. He always reminded that "being a police officer is not a revolutionary mandarin" but a servant to the people, truly serving the people. Whatever is beneficial for the Party, for the people, no matter how small, is to be avoided, whatever is wrong, harms the Fatherland, affects the Party and the people's interests, even small.

"Right" according to him is not evil, is straightforward, even small good deeds try to do, and even small evil deeds try to avoid. The integrity of the revolutionary police officers and soldiers is shown in the following: Must know to respect the right, do the right thing; avoid doing things contrary to the interests of the people, against the lines, policies and laws of the Party and State. In fact, if a revolutionary policeman is only good at his profession and profession, but lacks the courage to fight for the truth, it is difficult for the country's rules and regulations to be strictly enforced.

Secondly, for colleagues, you must cordially help

President Ho Chi Minh emphasized that educating cadres and soldiers of the People's Public Security should have the spirit of solidarity, love for comrades and comrades, and cordially help each other in studying, training and working. And this is also a precious tradition of the Vietnamese People's Public Security force. The expression of officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security who knows how to maintain internal solidarity is shown by the love of comrades, comrades, and comrades in suffering; promote democracy, frank struggle, critique and self-criticism; mutual help and mutual progress. Sincerely helping comrades and teammates must show sincere, honest and demanding attitude in the process of studying, training and working; all expressions of concealing defects, covering up dishonest and unhealthy behaviors are expressions of lack of affection and help with comrades and teammates.

Third, to the Government, must be absolutely loyal

The loyalty of officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security to the Party, the State and the people is a precious traditional value of the People's Public Security force, is the essence of the Revolutionary Police soldier. . Loyalty is shown by the political bravery and revolutionary stance of the People's Public Security officers and soldiers. Loyalty is formed on the basis of revolutionary enlightenment, love for comrades, comrades, love for the profession and it is formed, cultivated and refined through practical work, fighting, winning without pride, failure is not discouraged, it is also expressed by the will to rise to be creative in professional work.

Tư cách người Công an Cách mệnh
Tư cách người Công an Cách mệnh

Fourth, to the people, be respectful and polite

The People's Public Security Forces come from the people, serve the people for the sake of the people, so they must be close to the people, respectful and polite to the people. Respect and courtesy to the people not only stop at respect, close protection and care for the people's interests, but also understand the people's thoughts and aspirations, know their concerns and concerns. in the people from there step by step removed. This is the premise to build a close relationship between the police force and the people.

Fifth, for work, must be devoted

A short but comprehensive thing is required in terms of spirit and attitude towards work. This is a common quality of every cadre, party member, and even more a must-have quality of every revolutionary policeman. Dedication to work is shown in persistent, proactive and creative work, derived from the right and pure motives for the purpose of serving the people. Always build a sense of care and innovation, improve working methods, form a thoughtful, scientific, orderly, and practical working style. Having been in charge of any job, he is determined to do it right, to the place, to the place, not afraid of hardships, not afraid of danger. That is also the expression of the sense of responsibility and noble moral obligation of a soldier of the People's Public Security.

Sixth, towards the enemy, one must be resolute and clever

Resoluteness towards the enemy is an immutable principle. The second approach to the enemy must be clever; is a fundamental strategic issue of the revolution, having a dialectical relationship with the ideology and resolute will of the enemy. The spirit of determination and shrewdness is a sharp weapon, the principle and motto of operation of the People's Public Security officers and soldiers. Thoroughly grasping Uncle Ho's teachings, officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security need to build their own fighting spirit, steadfast stance, not panicking, wavering before difficulties and challenges in order to grow up. successful at work.

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