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23 Surprising Uses For Household Items

Tennis balls to protect your floors, nail polish to seal envelopes and old pants to filter rice - from cleaning tips to life, who knew the household could have so many other uses?

23 Công Dụng Đáng Ngạc Nhiên Cho Đồ Gia Dụng

Aluminum foil

1. Scrubber: instead of throwing away a used piece of foil, rub it on and save it for those hard-to-clean pots and pans.

2. Scarecrow: a lot of birds don't like leaves. Cut some pieces of foil and hang them in the fruit tree.

3. Increase ironing speed: place a layer of foil on your iron under clothes to make ironing faster and more efficient.

Glass jars and food boxes

4. Workbench: remove the labels and use tin cans and glass jars as an economical workbench.

5. Planting: large jars can be used to grow plants, and they look great too.

6. Cutlery box: aluminum box looks funny like a knife and fork holder after setting the table.

Nail polish

7. Envelope Sealing: Seal or re-seal an envelope by applying clean nail polish along the top and pressing down.

8. Thread : we all have thread that doesn't play ball with the needle. Dip the end in nail polish and let it dry for a minute before the thread will do the trick.

9. Color-coded locks: instead of investing in locking keys, use nail polish to color-code the tops of the keys.

Tennis ball

10. Floor protection: cut into the tennis balls and place them on the bottom of the chair legs to protect your floor from scratches. You can spray paint them before hand so they match the color palette.

11. Parking gear: tie an old tennis ball to the roof of your garage in the back. This will help gauge where you need to brake and park instead of hitting the back wall.

Metal spoon

12. Reduce Puffiness: Place a metal spoon in the refrigerator overnight and use in the morning to reduce puffiness around tired eyes.

13. Spoon Soak: Make your own chocolate dip spoon by melting the spare chocolate block into the spoon and placing it in the fridge.

Olive oil

14. Skin softening: Its moisturizing properties make olive oil an ideal emollient. Apply a small amount to face and body and see quick results.

15. Wood furniture polish: use a small amount on a duster to get sparkling wooden furniture.

Old pants

16. Vacuum cleaners: the soft fibers of the pants make them the ideal vacuum cleaner

17. Food purifier: wash old pants and use them as a food purifier in the kitchen.

18. Neat soap: sick soap slide around? Finally, cut the shins in half

Take your pants off and put soap on and tie the ends.

Petroleum jelly

19. Loosen drawers and hinges: place petroleum jelly in the outer corners of drawers and on hinges to prevent squeaks and loosen them.

Baking soda

20. Boost washing power: add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your laundry detergent to make clothes cleaner and make it go further.

21. Self-air freshener: Natural air freshener by adding baking soda to a jar and mixing it with essential oils. Place some fabric on top and secure with an elastic band.


22. Clean tough areas: An old toothbrush is a great cleaning tool for tough spots. Use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and clean the soles of your shoes. Just make sure you don't get it mixed up with your everyday!

23. Grooming Eyebrows: Instead of investing in an eyebrow brush, a cheap toothbrush will get your eyebrows neat and tidy at the beginning of the day.

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