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What Is Background? How to Design Beautiful Background

What is the background? Background is a pretty common word, often very often used that we can come across everywhere, in every field. Let's learn and answer everything about backgrounds in all areas of life with and how to choose and design beautiful backgrounds.

1. What is the background?

Background translated from English means "background". In fact, the background exists a lot around us. You can come across the word background anywhere and easily recognize them as on your computer wallpaper, phone, tablet or scene in a picture, background in events. In a word, the background is the background behind it.

Ảnh bìa mô tả đoạn văn bản Background là gì
1. Background là gì?

2. Background in English-Vietnamese dictionary

background /'bækgraund/ nghĩa là

Danh từ

  • phía sau

  • nền

Ví dụ: a dress with red sports on a white background: áo nền trắng chấm đỏ

  • tình trạng không có tên tuổi; địa vị không quan trọng

  • kiến thức; quá trình đào tạo; quá trình học hành; kinh nghiệm

  • (điện ảnh), radiô nhạc nền

  • to keep (stay, be) in the background

Some words related to background

  • background activity: hoạt động nền

  • background area: vùng nền

  • background brightness: độ chói nền

  • background color: màu nền

  • background display: nền màn hình

  • background display image: ảnh nền

  • background emission: sự phát thanh phông nền

  • background image: hình ảnh nền

  • background ink: mực nền

  • background job: nhiệm vụ nền

  • background level: mức nền

  • background light: ánh sáng nền

  • background load level: mức tải trọng nền

  • background music: nhạc nền

  • background noise: tiếng ồn nền

  • background noise level (background sound level): mức ồn nền

  • background noise temperature: nhiệt độ của nền

  • background operation: hoạt động nền

  • background partition: sự phân chia nền

  • background picture: ảnh nền

  • background program: chương trình nền

  • background reflectance: hệ số phản xạ nền

  • background region: vùng nền

  • background sound: âm thanh nền

  • background tasks: các nhiệm vụ nền sau

  • background absorption: sự hấp thụ phông

  • background activity: độ phóng xạ phông

  • background blur: sự nhòe phông

3. What is the background in photography?

In photography, background is the term used to refer to the background, background, or scene behind the person or object being photographed. In today's life, the background is one of the important metrics to evaluate the quality, investment and is also an important factor determining the aesthetics of the photo. That is also why there are many photos where the subject plays a minor role, but just a beautiful background can get many compliments.

Ảnh chụp một studio

4. What is the background in the field of social life?

Background in the field of social life is understood as someone's position, background, or family background. In the process of being born and growing up, people will receive education and training from family and society. The background of a person is what they get from their family such as culture, fame, power, status, economy, etc.

5. What is the background in the website?

In websites, background is a term to refer to the background image, background color or the things behind the text, page content. The website background has a very rich and diverse design. This is also an element to represent the topic, field, characteristics, image of the person or organization and owner of the website.

A website with a beautiful background will be very attractive and make a strong impression on the viewer.

Hình nền của 3 thiết bị điện thoại, máy tính bảng, laptop
Background trong website là gì?

6. Background in HTML, what is CSS?

Background is also a property in the CSS element formatting language.

The background property in CSS allows us to set the color or image for the background of one or more HTML tags.

The background property has the following extensions:

+ Background-color: Used to specify the background color for HTML tags.

+ Background-image: Used to define the background image for the HTML Tag.

+ Background-repeat: An attribute that defines how the image is repeated, if your background is an image.

+ Background-position: The property determines the position of the background image for the object.

+ Background-attachment: This property specifies how the background image is displayed when scrolling the web page.

7. What is background in event organization?

Background in event organization (event) is the background is the context of an event. When you are planning to hold a launch, grand opening, seminar, birthday party, wedding party, etc., you need a backdrop on the stage. This is the place to check in, take place the event and show the content of the event that day.

Looking through the background, people will get information about the program that took place. Specifically, the name of the program, the organizer, the date of the organization, the sponsor and the beautifully decorated images.

Sân khấu có background sự kiện
Background sự kiện

8. Suggestions for choosing the background in the design

- Use video as background

Video background is a fairly new trend, if used correctly, your website will surely attract the attention of users.

However, it is not easy to create a video that matches the content of the website you want to target. Attention should be paid to video length as well as skillful animation combinations.

Video background also needs to be reconciled so that viewers are not too focused on the video and forget about the content of the website.

- Use photo as background

Instead of using monotonous colors, you can use images to create an impression as well as convey more messages, contributing to increasing the amount of interaction for the website.

To make the most of it, you need to keep a few things in mind:

+ Can choose photo slide for a single photo

+ Choose a landscape image because it is more appropriate than a vertical image, providing a more harmonious look with most computer screens.

+ The most suitable image size for width is 1920 pixels.

+ If you can't choose the right image, you can use free images downloaded from popular websites.

9. How to design a beautiful background

Creating a beautiful background image is an important design to highlight the content of the photo. Background design is not as difficult as designing fonts, photo layouts or color schemes. However, a good background design will serve as a visual foundation, helping to determine how to insert other elements.

Use color overlay with adjusted opacity

Overlays are very commonly used in background design with Photoshop. Overlay gives the image a sinking feeling. Thereby highlighting other factors. Creating an Overlay layer is usually about adjusting the transparency or reducing the saturation of the image.

Ảnh phong cảnh, ô tô có lớp phủ màu đỏ

Use highlight icon with blurred background

Blur everything so that the main element stands out. Blur technique causes the image to be blurred. This background design method is applied by many designers.

Backdrop lá cây được làm mờ
Background mờ

Create free space for key elements

The advantage of this method is that it still highlights the main elements but still does not lose the details of the background image. However, the designer will have to pay attention to the layout of the background.

Các thiết bị được bố trí rộng rãi
Tạo không gian trống cho các yếu tố chính

Use neon text color on a monochrome background

This is a technique in color coordination. This method draws attention to the text in a great way. Use the saturation slider -saturation to black and white your photo. Then choose Neon color for the appropriate text.

Chữ màu hiển thị trên backdrop đơn sắc
Background đơn sắc

Use Shape to insert text

Shape will create more clarity in the background design. This will make the text stand out and easy to read. Choose a color for the shape by taking a color code from the background to create harmony.

Thiết kế có hình shape được chèn văn bản
Shape để chèn văn bản


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