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Ministry of Health: Occupations and jobs with high risk of exposure and infection of Covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, the Ministry of Health has issued recommendations for occupations and jobs with high risk of infection.

Complicated translation process

Covid-19 is an acute infectious disease of group A. Up to now, there is no specific treatment or vaccine for the disease. Disease prevention mainly relies on personal hygiene measures, early detection and isolation, close monitoring of suspected cases, prevention of community transmission and environmental sanitation.

Covid-19 disease appeared in Wuhan, Hubei province, China from December 26, 2019 and then spread to countries around the world. The number of cases continues to increase and the epidemic is very complicated.

Currently, the epidemic is having complicated developments around the world and is still a risk to workers at labor establishments and industrial parks, especially at production facilities with foreigners coming to Vietnam. from the country of translation.

Cán bộ Y tế phun thuốc khử khuẩn, ảnh Hoàng Hải.
Cán bộ Y tế phun thuốc khử khuẩn, ảnh Hoàng Hải.

The disease is transmitted from person to person by inhalation, through droplets of saliva or nasopharyngeal secretions when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or is spread through contact with certain objects.

When in direct contact with infected people, especially in crowded places such as train stations, bus stations, airports, festivals, on public transport, commercial centers, supermarkets, markets. , restaurants, hotels, parks, tourist areas, ... will create conditions for the virus to spread.

Occupations and jobs with high risk of exposure and infection

- Health workers include: health workers involved in epidemic prevention, testing, treatment or response to medical emergencies involving people infected with the virus.

- Employees working in high-risk environments in public places:

+ Aviation staff; seafarers, railway workers

+ Drivers of road vehicles for public purposes (people who drive public transport and use connection applications)

+ Employees working at service areas (commercial centers, service centers, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, hotels, parks, tourist areas, banks), urban environment workers.. .

- Officers and employees of the forces working at the border gate area (customs, goods control, border guard; aviation security, ground engineering; port authorities, pilots, maritime agents; medical quarantine; border health, animal quarantine, plant quarantine; health unit at the border gate).

People infected with Covid-19 will have symptoms of illness: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, pneumonia, severe pneumonia, which can cause acute respiratory failure and risk of death, especially in the elderly, immunocompromised people and chronic comorbidities.

Some people infected with Covid-19 may have mild clinical manifestations with no symptoms, making it difficult to detect.

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