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Instructions for cleaning and decontaminating homes to prevent Covid-19

A study in the Journal of Hospital Infection estimated that coronavirus strains can generally survive on surfaces for an average of four to five days. Therefore, one of the measures to prevent Covid-19 is that you should regularly clean and decontaminate your home.

The study authors recommend using disinfectants and germ-killing solutions such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), or sodium hypochlorite (javen water) to clean indoor surfaces.

Hướng dẫn vệ sinh và khử nhiễm nhà cửa để phòng dịch Covid-19

CLEANING is the cleaning of dirt and large amounts of pathogens on surfaces and objects, using soap and water.

DISINFECTING is the use of chemicals such as javen water to kill most bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens.

A guide to cleaning and decontamination measures is posted on the Singapore government website. Including some notes:

- You need to wear a medical mask, disposable gloves and use an appropriate decontamination solution.

- You need to keep windows open for ventilation, and remember to avoid touching your face and eyes while cleaning and decontamination.

- You must use cloth towels or disposable rags to clean surfaces.

- Avoid spraying disinfectants directly on surfaces, as it is thought to spread the virus.

- After cleaning and decontamination, you must put masks, gloves and used pieces of cloth and rags in a double-layer nylon bag for disposal.

- Don't forget to shower and change into the clothes you just used during the cleaning and decontamination process.

Hướng dẫn vệ sinh và khử nhiễm nhà cửa để phòng dịch Covid-19

To ensure effectiveness in decontamination, the Singapore Environment Agency has published a list of products and active ingredients capable of killing corona virus. Accordingly, you should choose products with one of the following compound ingredients:

Sodium hypochlorite (0.1 – 0.5%), 70% ethyl alcohol, Povidone-iodine (1% iodine), Chloroxylenol (0.12%), 50% isopropanol, 0.05% benzalkonium chloride (Quaternary Ammonium Compound), 50ppm iodine in iodophor, 0.23% sodium chlorite, 1% cresol soap (sodium alkyl-ben-zene sulfonate) and Hydrogen peroxide (0.5-7.0%).

In addition, cleaners should follow the instructions on the product label and the precautions:

- Avoid direct contact of the decontamination agent with eyes and skin

- Avoid mixing decontamination products

- When using a product containing Sodium hypochlorite on metal surfaces, wait 10 minutes to wipe off its residue as Sodium hypochlorite can corrode metal.

- The product contains isopropanol and ethyl-alcohol which can be flammable at high concentrations. So avoid using it on hot surfaces, near open flames or sparks.

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