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Former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine pointed out 3 things Hanoians should always

"Covid-19 disease is not contagious, if it's just passing through each other, it's hard to get sick" - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga confirmed.

What is the risk of transmission in the community?

On the night of March 6, Hanoi recorded the first case of a patient with Covid-19. This is the 17th case recorded in Vietnam up to the present time (16 previous cases have been cured and returned to their families).

The most concerning thing about case number 17 is that patient N.H.N (26 years old) has an epidemiological history traveling through many countries in Europe (England, France, Italy), before returning to Vietnam, he had clinical symptoms. The patient returned to Vietnam at dawn on March 2, 2020, and returned home to self-isolate. When the disease progressed, the patient went to Hong Ngoc Hospital and was then transferred to the grassroots Hospital for Tropical Diseases (March 5).

According to the results of the epidemiological investigation of the Hanoi Department of Health, patient 17 had close contact with 8 people at home (father, mother, housekeeper, private driver). At Hong Ngoc Hospital, there are 18 people in close contact with the patient. In the flight that patient number 17 flew to Vietnam, there were 197 passengers and crew.

khu vực cách ly

Regarding this case, Prof. Huy Nga, Former Director of the Environmental Management Department, Former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) said: "In this case, those who have close contact with the patient include parents, domestic helpers, etc. , driving, a doctor examining a patient is at the highest risk of infection.

And this group of subjects was quickly isolated right after the 17th patient tested positive for Covid-19."

Hanoi is implementing urgent and active disease prevention and control work, so Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga said that there are 3 things that Hanoians need to always remember: not panic - calm - trust in the Vietnamese health sector.

Assoc. Huy Nga said: "Covid-19 is not contagious. It's difficult to get sick if it's just passing through each other. The way the disease is transmitted is through droplets carrying the disease that are shot into the eyes and mouth of healthy people. When talking, or the patient's droplets are splashed on objects, healthy people touch their hands and then accidentally bring them to their eyes, mouth, and nose."

What should people do to prevent the disease from spreading?

Assoc. Huy Nga analyzed that currently, the rate of people suffering from severe complications of Covid-19 disease is low and will not die if they do not get sick. Therefore, people should not be too afraid, when having symptoms of cough and fever, they should go to the doctor to find out the cause of the disease. The best way to prevent disease is still personal hygiene:

- Wash your hands with soap often

- Regularly rinse your mouth with salt water, put salt water in your eyes and nose

- If you don't have a job, don't go to crowded places

- Limit contact with many people

- When going to a crowded place, you need to wear a mask

- Agencies may consider working from home depending on reality

Assoc.Prof.Huy Nga recommends that the Covid-19 epidemic is especially severe in the elderly, so this group of people needs to be paid more attention. It is necessary to propagate to ensure the safety of places that are treating and caring for the elderly such as Geriatric Hospitals and nursing homes.

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